TRAMS – the answer the Bath’s traffic woes?

By BMoorcraft  |  Posted: November 03, 2016


A tram on the old Bath to Bathford route

Could an efficient tram system be the answer to Bath’s ongoing traffic and pollution woes?

Members of Bath Swift Trams certainly think so – and they want you to agree.

On Thursday, November 17, Trams for Bath is holding a public meeting in which urban transport authority Professor Lewis Lesley and other experts will put forward the case of why Bath should re-instate a tram network.

Bath city centre had electric trams between 1908 and 1938 but the system died when cars became fashionable.

Event organiser Dave Andrews, who used to be an expert adviser on power generation for the European Commission, argues trams are much more efficient and cheaper than buses.

He said: “People don’t use buses – they hate them. But they will use trams. This has been tested worldwide.

“Trams will attract car drivers. This is because trams can move much faster and more frequently – every six to eight minutes at peak is typical.

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