Anti Biomass Heating Piece by David Rose (Mail on Sunday)

Just in case anyone has missed David Rose’s (D Mail-MailonSun) latest anti biomass piece, this time against wood heating – see . South East Wood Fuels (SEWF) showed him around one of our woodfuel hubs (with detailed FC Mgt Plan and bags of replanting on mature larch areas) and examples of under-managed and managed woodland.

In typical David Rose fashion (he has serious ‘form’ as a climate denier and anti all things biomass) he nodded and complimented us on the quality of approach, the sustainability of the woodfuel hub and the benefits of woodland mgt, and then writes what he was always going to be writing for his shilling from the Mail. It takes shoddy biased journalism to a new level and REA-WHA (he couldn’t even get their name right) are responding. Tweets are flying. Anyone one who wants to pick this up – his Twitter name is @davidroseUK
The piece is a mish-mash of precious quotes relating to Drax and biomass and just equating all of that with locally based fuel for efficient biomass boilers for heating. He also lambasts the National Trust for much needed heathland mgt where the wood was used for heating as a by-product.
Also worth having a look at who follows Rose on Twitter and compliments him on his “great piece” – i.e. Dogwood Alliance, Mark Lynas etc. Know him by the company he keeps.
Stewart Thoreau

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