A very significant admission by the US FERC chairman that the issue of integrating variable sources of power is not such a big issue

Wind Power and Reliability: The Roles of Baseload and Variable Resources
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman Jon Wellinghoff has stated that “baseload capacity is going to become an anachronism” and that no new nuclear or coal plants may ever be needed in the United States.

Quote from Press Release:

“1.  This fact sheet explains why baseload power is only one of many ways to meet the power system’s need for energy and capacity, particularly in a world where a variety of other resources can provide these commodities at competitive prices. In addition, this fact sheet illustrates that, because baseload power has little or no flexibility, baseload power alone is insufficient to meet all power system needs. A combination of a large amount of renewable energy, combined with flexible natural gas plants and demand-response and efficiency, can ensure that our electric system has sufficient energy, capacity, and flexibility, and operates reliably and cost-effectively. The marketplace is already pointing in the direction described by Chairman Wellinghoff: since 2005, natural gas and wind power have accounted for nearly 90% of all new U.S. generating capacity……”

Continued at:  US FERC John Wellinghoo

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