38% HHV Caterpillar Biogas Engine Fitted to Long Reach Sewage Works

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A Caterpillar bio-gas engine was fitted to Long Reach Sewage Works, operated by Thames Water Utilities.  This is a V16 engine running at 1500 rpm, on biogas which is typically 60 % methane.  Output about 1150 kWe electrical and 1.4 MW thermal energy which heats the digesters to 37 deg C . Electrical efficiency is about 38% HHV, thermal efficiency.  Life cycle maintenance costs about 0.9 /kWh. Caterpillar makes about 50 units per day of this basic engine in either gas or diesel (1.8MW) format at its US factory in Lafayette Indiana equivalent to some 23 GWe of capacity per annum. The fully installed cost of this kind of plant, ie the engine, heat exchangers, generator, enclosure, silencer, cooling system, controls, gas supply, commissioning is around £400/kWe.  Further info – Claverton Contact Form

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8 comments on “38% HHV Caterpillar Biogas Engine Fitted to Long Reach Sewage Works

  1. Caterpillar engines are renowned for their longevity. I have seen examples with 250,000 hours on the clock…in Marshalls Town, Iowa – that was a CAT G399 bio-gas engine.

    Dave A

  2. I suspect that it is the text that is correct about the electrical efficiency being 38% LHV… and the headline is therefore misleading in that it implies a significantly higher efficiency claiming “38% HHV”. Should be careful about these things… it makes a big difference.

  3. Yes – can you tell us the correct figure, since ou will no doubt know them, and we will correct it. thanks for pointing the discrepancy out.

    Odd that Caterpillar didn’t notice it.

  4. The GE Jenbacher gas engine range is also renown for its longevity with current electrical efficiencies on biogas reaching 42% at the lower heating value of the gas.

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