Potential Wind Energy Investment Opportunity

We have been approached and asked to make known an opportunity to invest in a wind farm(s) project to Claverton members or their associates.
Essentially this involves 600 MW capacity in a series of wind farms in various countries  with 30 MW in the UK.
We have been told that agreements have been obtained with governments and land owners.
Further funding is required to take the projects through the planning and legal processes prior to selling the entire project on  – ie land plus permitting as a development opportunity.
Initial requirement is for £3m either as one lump sum or 12 blocks of £250k. 
To be placed in contact with promoters, contact Admin at Claverton and we will pass your details on.
Note at this stage,we are simply passing this potential opportunity on and am not making any recommendation.

3 comments on “Potential Wind Energy Investment Opportunity

  1. Richard – then you will need to find other partners who can in total find £250k.

    But if you don;t have that kind of money, then this is probably not for you.



  2. Saw the posting on the Claverton website and we may be interested in investing.

    Would appreciate if you could please pass on our details and/or make contact with further information.

    Best regards,


    Managing Director

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