Successful 2008 Claverton Conference

“Is There An Emerging Climate And Energy Emergency – If So What Are The Likely Solutions?”

The 4th CLAVERTON ENERGY GROUP CONFERENCE was held on 24th to 26th October 2008 –

Claverton Energy Group Conference 2008

The successful Conference brought together numerous experts who gave details of the potential scope, cost and other attributes of energy issues and technologies and, more importantly, how each can fit into an overall picture, for the UK, Europe and the World. Over the next 2 weeks, papers will be published online…

Talks were, in the main, short and punchy, giving bare essentials. Parallel streams allowed delegates to pick out which talks they wanted to attend, and bypass material they already knew. Some talks were repeated as necessary.

The Claverton Group has organised 3 previous similar conferences, and carries on a continuous online dialogue between 250+ experts.

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